Terms of delivery of purchased products

Free delivery service for online ordering

Hypermarket "LUKA - European House" offers free delivery of products purchased through the online store. In the territory of Batumi:

  • The product is delivered to the customer free of charge if its value exceeds 1000 GEL
  • Delivery of products worth from 1 to 500 GEL to the address of St. In the territory of Batumi it is 10 GEL.
  • When purchasing products worth from 500 GEL to 1000 GEL online, St. The cost of delivery to an address in Batumi is 15 GEL.
  • Delivery rates for products purchased through the online store to an address outside the city are calculated automatically, when the customer places an order on the purchase page.
  • Keda township
  • Khelvachauri township and surrounding area
  • Chakvi district and surrounding area
  • St. Kobuleti and surrounding villages
  • phone call
  • Pot

 Online ordering paid delivery service

 Online order delivery conditions outside the city

Delivery outside the city is possible in the following areas:

It is advisable for the user to clarify with the operator before ordering the products about using the delivery service in other settlements.

Online delivery means delivery of products to the address, not to the floor! 


- Orders made after 18:00 will be processed the next day. - The delivery will be made to the address after payment by plastic card or the transfer of money to the "Luke - European House" account (bank transfer, installments) within 1 working day. in Batumi and in 1 or 2 days outside the city