Our company LUKA was founded in Batumi in 2007. Its main activity is the import of foreign raw materials, processing and receiving finished products from them.

The company "Luka" produces a variety of plasterboard tiles, profiles and accessories. The company also produces high-quality galvanized (galvanized, painted) tin for covering buildings and structures of various types (corrugated tin, profiled i.e. profiled, metal ceramic, flat rolled) and its accessories. One of the main lines of the enterprise is the production of minaplastic fittings. The company also manufactures water supply systems and foam plastics.

Our company is equipped with modern computer equipment, which provides software processing, and this gives you the opportunity to order and receive the desired dimensions of both the profile and the closing material.

Also, the company is equipped with cranes of different tonnage capacity, which ensures proper and timely service.

The company owns several means of motor transport, through which the goods are brought from abroad and delivered to the customer on time.

The company "Luka" is the regional partner of KNAUF in Adjara and offers gypsum-cardboard tiles, tiles, building materials produced by it at both wholesale and retail prices.

The products produced by the company "Lukas" are certified.

Company St. In Batumi, he also owns the "Luke-European House" hypermarket. Here it is possible to buy both the company's products and KNAUF products. In addition, it is possible to buy laminates, ceramic tiles, building powders, insulating materials, varnishes, tools and instruments offered by various European and Turkish brands at "Luka-European House".



We have created a team of highly qualified professionals and strive to reach a point where any client gets more than what they expect. We guarantee that the price we offer you is real and optimal.